About us


Reason and its army of facts and data has spoken to us. Here we are as a species, alone in the face of something we can no longer call uncertainty. It is time for determination and passion: courage. “The Revolution of Emotions” is the need to put heart, skin and guts at the service of change through art, culture and science. Life and beauty. Empathy to continue building the world we need: more humane and just. More empathetic. More ours.

A platform for transformation through art and culture.


"We believe in the transformative power of culture and art, which touches us and moves us."


"We are aware of the importance of education today to build a sustainable future."

We defend an education that helps us reconnect with the inherent values of what makes us human: empathy, creativity, reflection and collaboration in order to face the challenges of our societies.


"We are committed to an inclusive culture that promotes critical thinking and that empowers us as individuals and enables us to grow."

As individuals aware that history is happening right now and that we are writing it together.


The aim of this platform is at the heart of our purpose: to accelerate the change that our societies need, using arts and culture as tools for change.

Through this platform we develop 3 lines of work: Education, Dissemination and Artivism. The development of these three areas of work and dissemination allow us to promote a change of mindset and to promote the creation of values aligned with sustainability that allow us to walk together and build a more livable and fair future with both the environment and people.

Who We Are

We are part of Quiero, a sustainability platform that works on the business, sustainability and brand equation. We only work on projects that place people, society and the environment at the very center. Our aim is to generate change along with companies, public and private institutions and the third sector.

It is clear to us that sustainability makes us better: richer and more loved companies, healthier people, and plural, fair and beautiful societies.

We are non-conformist and passionate. We believe in what we do and enjoy doing it. We believe that a fairer world is possible and we work to contribute to make it real.